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My name is Mando Guzman. I have been collecting boxing autographs since 1990. I've been a boxing fan for longer than that. I pride myself and my reputation on the quality and authenticity of my autographs and boxing items that I sell. While selling on EBAY I made several friends of my customers and developed a respect from some of the most respected collectors and sellers in the business.

I ran the youth boxing program for several years for the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Dept Youth Department in East Los Angeles. I also fought as a member of the LA Sheriffs Boxing Team.

While running the gym, I also opened it up to professional boxers to train for their upcoming fights. Some of the fighters that have worked out there were, Roberto Duran, Marco Antonio Barrera, Chiquita Gonzalez, Oscar De La Hoya, Famoso Hernandez and numerous others.

I had the opportunity to help train Famoso Hernandez and work with other prominent fighters. I also had the opportunity to train a fighter for the WBC Light Heavyweight title. I am currently training another promising prospect.

I decided to start this site only as a fun thing to do. I am selling off my personal boxing collection and will slowly start selling a larger variety of athletic wear. As the site grows I will conduct more "Where are they now?" interviews and provide fight news from a different prospective.

Mando Guzman
Owner and trainer of the "Lite It Up Boxing Team"

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